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Longjing Ming Qian

  • This super premium early season first-picking known as Ming Qian or Pre-Qingming (Ching Ming) is considered very best of Longjing tea.
  • • Our Dragon Well tea is sweet, smooth and well-rounded with no hint of bitterness. The buttery mouthfeel and subtle nutty taste make this tea perfect for relaxing on cosy evenings.
  • • We use only the finest leaves, picked and processed on a small artisan farm close to the Chinese city of Guangzhou.
  • • This particular tea was picked in March 2018, before being airmailed to us to preserve the tea’s subtle, sweet flavours. Tea of this quality is hard to come by in Europe, especially at such an affordable price.
  • • Our Dragon Well tea contains only pure tea leaves, allowing you to enjoy a traditional beverage in the way it’s been drunk for centuries!

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