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Sencha Premium

    • • Sencha is a soft, steamed green tea from Japan with a unique delicate flavour. Taken from the first harvest of June 2018, this Sencha is delicate, tender and packed with aromatics and minerals.
      • This refreshing green tea carries hints of fresh-cut grass, a mellow and sweet aroma, and is guaranteed to refresh and revitalise tea drinkers of all ages.
      • Even the shape of this tea is a nod to Japan’s tea-drinking history, as the leaves are each rolled into traditional tender needle shapes to preserve their scent and flavour.
      • This Sencha is sourced by Valley of Tea, and as such contains only pure tea leaves and buds.

    • Sencha is a steamed green tea from Japan. Its liquid contains hints of freshly cut grass, a great mellow-sweet aroma and is very refreshing. This tea comes from a completely organic farm where they use the best leaves of the first harvest. An all day tea we are sure you'll love. The tea production process by which Sencha is created differs from Chinese green teas, which are initially pan-fired. Japanese green tea is first steamed for between 15–20 seconds to prevent oxidization of the leaves. Then, the leaves are rolled, shaped, and dried. This step creates the needle shape of the tea. Finally, the leaves are sorted and divided into different quality groups. Picked in 2017.

    •   Use about 2 gram of tea for 250ml, heat your water to 80 degrees and brew for 2 minutes. (Japanese) porcelain like a kyusu or a glass pot. Adjust for personal preferences.

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