Ya Hong Tao

  • Strong, bold and demanding respect, Ya Hong Tao is the strongest shou pu-erh tea currently offered by Valley of Tea.
  • If you count yourself as a tea connoisseur, we highly recommend trying this! Packed with pu-erh flavour and character, Ya Hong Tao produces a silky and full-bodied infusion that almost defies description.
  • Imagine the character of your favourite pu-erh, distilled into the pinnacle of the tea-farmer’s craft. That’s what you’ll experience here. Good things come to those who wait. Especially if you wait for this Pu-erh tea, which is aged for nine years to develop a truly remarkable flavour which is highly sought after in both East and West.
  • Once you have tasted our Pu-erh, you'll make it your breakfast drink of choice, thanks to its rich flavour which develops and sweetens over multiple steeps.
  • This Pu-erh contains only tea leaves that have been carefully selected by Valley of Tea. There are no added flavours or colours. Just great-tasting, traditional tea leaves.

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