Detox Slim Organic

  • Made from the finest organic, green mate and Sencha tea, and flavoured with organic spearmint, nettle, honeybush and lemongrass, our Detox Slim blend is perfect for those looking for a healthy, refreshing beverage.
  • Thanks to the properties of its all-natural ingredients, Detox Slim is a superb weight loss aid, helping as part of a slimming or fitness programme.
  • The medicinal blend of tea and herbs helps to increase your metabolism, giving a small boost to weight loss while cleaning and detoxifying your body.
  • This sweet, fragrant tea carries a fresh green mint flavour and a vegetal taste, with very little bitterness. As you slowly sip your cup, you’ll also discover a hint of delicious spice.
  • Detox Slim is made from entirely natural and organic ingredients. While this tea does contain caffeine, it is free from artificial colours and flavourings.

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