Lushan Yunwu


• Hand-picked from wild tea bushes in China’s mist-soaked mountains, Lushan Yunwu is a tea for any connoisseur’s cupboard. Our Lushan Yunwu is picked by artisans and lightly roasted in the traditional way.
• Combining fresh green aromas with sweet, malty undertones, Lushan Yunwu fog-clouded tea is smooth and soft with just a hint of bitterness to add depth.
The light, sweet aftertaste will stay with you long after your cup is empty.
• Because we only source tea from wild bushes, a cup of Lushan Yunwu is a trip into history, as you taste flavours that have been enjoyed by tea lovers for thousands of years.
• This unique, special tea offers a new flavour for anyone looking for a new yet traditional tea experience. 

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